Sunday, October 25, 2009
now i'm come back again with basic
tutorial photoshop glitter graphics.
here i will show for you the beginning how to
making glitter graphics from starter.
1)Firstly, you go to file then click to open any image from your pc.
I choose this image.

2)Now you go to Layers Window,
then right click on background image to
duplicate layer like below.
Make sure you do it twice because we
need it become 3 layer.

3)After that, you go to Animation Window to duplicates selected
frames like below. Make sure also you do it twice because we
need it become 3 frames. Then you change the time for all frames
animation become for 0.1second.

4)Now, you must seperates all frames with all layers with indicates
layer visibility. Example like below, for frames 1 with first
background and frames 2 for background copy then for
frames 3 with background copy 2.

5)After that, you go to Magic Wand Tool, and click at selected image
you want to put glitter like below.

6)Now, you open the filter then go to Noise and Add Noise.
Then you set the Gaussian noise amount 15% for frames 3,
Gaussian noise amount 16% for frames 2, and
Gaussian noise amount 17% for frames 3.Click ok for every step.

7)Finally, you click at plays animation window to make your
glitter image become animated and now your new glitter image
already done. Just enjoyed it! (^-^)
Leave any comments if you want to ask anything about this tutorial....
Thank you :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009
Hello..everyone! I know some of you really need to learn how
to glitter on the image that you want...
here i will share with all you guys! hope this can help you.. :)

1)Firstly, open any glitter image you like on Photoshop Image Ready.
         I choose this glitter :                                                                                                     

2)After that you have to jump on Photoshop.
Then you must save for every each one as a pattern.
   Click on Edit then click on Define Pattern.
Name your pattern anything you like in the window that pops up.
Repeat this step for the other two layers. Now that your
   Patterns have been defined you can go ahead and close the glitter file.

3) Then you can open any image that you want to put glitter on it.
After that you transfer into new canvas size 450pixels x 450pixels with Move Tool. I choose this image for example :

  4)Then what you have to do is to create 3 new layer like this...,

   5) After that go to Magic Wand Tool, you select any part you
        want to put a glitter on the image. Like this example :

    6) Click at Window to open Animation,
duplicates selected frames to 3 frames
         like this for example :

  7) Then you have to separate every frames with every layer like this example :


   8) After that Click to Paint Bucket Tool,
then select Pattern to open glitter image that you save.
Now just drop on image for every pattern glitter with
       every layer that you create before this.
Make sure you change every pattern glitter
       when you put with different layer.

  9) Finally, you got the glitter image that you want like this....enjoy to used it! TQ.

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